The Montparnasse Tower

The large tower was constructed in a single phase from the end of 1969 to the end of 1972. Its 56 floors, each covering nearly 2000 m2, represent 112000 m2 of superstructure.
Out of the 58 floors, 52 are occupied by offices. Two floors are open to the public, the 56th and the terrace on the 59th, three are reserved for technical installations. On a clear day, the view covers a radius of 40 kms; you can see the planes taking off from Orly Airport. On the terrace floor, the guard-rail can be removed in only 120 seconds to allow helicopters to land.
The construction of this building, the highest in Europe, aroused much controversy. Anything that is new disturbs people, and no other structure in Paris caused more uproar, except the  Eiffel tower now the most beloved  and famous landmark in the city, than this building.
The tower is always  criticized and decried.
Total height: 209m
Lengh: 62 m
Depth of fondations: 70 m
Lifts: 27 (25 passenger lifts and 2 service lifts)
Working population: 5000